Not tomorrow…..

Sorry, we wont be opening back up on Monday , you will have to wait until Tuesday 8/23/11 Im doing great. My rehab is tuff but thats one of there reasons im ready to go, of course there rest has been family and friends.
Anyway the pork shoulders are in the pit and the  briskets are going in soon(as you know we only use hickory and pecan no gas or charcoal ever) If you use gas you can taste the gas and thats not genuine BARBEQUE
See you Tuesday


Today is Sat urday and I got home yesterday ,feeling fine . My Dr. James Benjamin did a great job again, he did the right knee four years ago. Im haveing very little pain. Also, the staff at Oro Valley Hospital was great and took great
care. Talk to you soon  

Knee ‘ed Repairs

We will be closed starting on August 8 th and reopening on August 22nd this will be for some much knee’ ed repairs (Im  getting a new knee) we will miss seeing you for 2 weeks but ready to go after that. We will keep you updated. Enjoy !
See you soon, Steve, Karen and Jen

Over 100

According to our local weather, they are predicting that Tucson will crest the 100 degree mark all week. And Wednesday being the hottest, with a high of 103. So, if you are looking to get the best deal in town, and get out of the heat, come on by Wednesday (or any other day). Get some great BBQ and take advantage of our Beat The Heat deal. The only deal in town where the hotter it is, the more you SAVE!
And for all of you who participated in the testing of our new credit card machine and processor we thank you. It seems to be working well and will hopefully be saving me some money. And that is always a good thing.

Smoked Brauts

We are having a new special this week,you guessed it Smoked Brauts. A half pound sandwich with two sides $7.93. Also we have our Prime Rib sandwich with two sides $9.93 yummy good.

Come Beat the Heat and Get Out of the Rain!

Don’t miss out on our Beat The Heat deal. We will give you a 1% discount for each degree over 100 at the time you cash out. So, if you are looking for a place to eat lunch, and want to make the most of the heat. Come on by.
As for the monsoons, if you stop by when it is raining you are welcome to come in and enjoy some great BBQ and watch the rain from indoors. Now, that is deal if there ever was one.