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New Facebook Plugin

After fruitless tries and lots of time, it looks as though the new Facebook Plugin is finally working.
Now, when I publish a Post, such as this, it will automatically (like magic) appear on the time-line on our Billy Bryant’s Facebook Fan Page. Now, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and that will surely make things much easier.

Welcome Gem Show

After a hard day of selling, buying and walking, why not kick back and have a cold one and some authentic BBQ. Our meats are 100% Hickory smoked, no added fuels or gimmicks are used, it’s just the good ‘ol traditional, slow and low cook’n, that gives our meats that authentic flavor.
We are a true Mom ‘n Pop operation and quite easy to find, and even easier to get to. We are 1 mile East of I-10 on Ina Road. You can view our Map page or click here for directions and map. We are only about 15 minutes from the Riverpark Inn, Convention Center or Downtown area, and only two turns once you get onto I-10. Can’t get any easier than that.
You can view our Menu here. And as a special to all the folks who are in Tucson for the Gem Show, we are offering a 10% discount to all the Vendors and Buyers who are looking for some great BBQ.
If you are really a BBQ connoisseur, or simply love Prime Rib, Friday night we serve up our Hickory Smoked Prime Rib. There isn’t anything that compares. You can visit our Specials Page for more info.
And there is still time to order from our Menu for Superbowl. Football, Beer and BBQ what a combination.

Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is just a few days away, and for many of you who haven’t yet decided what to serve, we have a suggestion. How about some great Hickory Smoked BBQ. Ribs, Pulled Pork, Turkey, Hot Links or Kielbasa. We can fix you up a few sandwiches, or we sell our meats by the pounds depending on just how big your party is.
Because we smoke our meats with 100% wood and our pit is only so big, if you wait until the very last minute you will surely miss out. so if BBQ sounds like the ticket, you have until early Saturday morning to give us a call and place your order.
You can view our menu here. Don’t wait…. Call Today!

Come Beat the Heat and Get Out of the Rain!

Don’t miss out on our Beat The Heat deal. We will give you a 1% discount for each degree over 100 at the time you cash out. So, if you are looking for a place to eat lunch, and want to make the most of the heat. Come on by.
As for the monsoons, if you stop by when it is raining you are welcome to come in and enjoy some great BBQ and watch the rain from indoors. Now, that is deal if there ever was one.

It’s Almost July

As today closes out the month of June and we head into July there are a few things worth noting. First order of business is that we will be open on July 4th (till about 3pm). And if you are thinking about placing an order for some smoked goodies for your lunch, dinner or Bar-B-Q that you do so as soon as possible. The pit fills up quickly and since it takes many hours to smoke our meats, once the meat is gone it is gone. So, please order early so that you aren’t disappointed.  You can view or meats on the menu page.
Then next item of business is that July will be our “Loyalty” month. For any purchase, throughout July, you will receive a 10% Loyalty check, based on your order, that you can then use on any future visit(s). You can save them up and then have a party. And what better way to start off the month is to order some of our smoked meats for your 4th of July gathering. Your Loyalty cash can be used on any menu item, or our Friday night Prime Rib Special. They cannot be used with any other offer or discount,and is not redeemable for cash.
Come take advantage of this great deal.

What’s New At Billy Bryant’s Bar-B-Que

If you like tender, succulent smoked meats, then you have to try the new smoked beef short ribs. For starters, there is nothing short about them. The bones weigh from 1 to 2 pounds each. And after a day of smoking they are just so tender and falling off the bone delicious. Someone called them Prime Rib on a stick and they are just that.
So, if you have an appetite and really want to try something that is just out of this world, stop by and give one a try while supplies last.

Pictured Above, weighing in at slightly under 2lbs. And to really give you an idea of size, the next image shows a 3 bone slab. Take notice to the knife and pepper container. This slab weighed in at over 8 lbs. Click on image for larger view.

Seven Year Itch

On March 4th, 2011 it will be our 7th Year Anniversary…Seven Years and we’re still SMOKIN! And if you do happen to join us this Friday night, not only can you feast on some smoked Prime Rib, or whatever suits your taste buds, but you can help us celebrate this momentous occasion by having a slice of cake…

Fab Friday

Not only is it Friday, it is the first Friday of the Month as well as the first Friday of the Year. So, to celebrate this Fabulous Friday we will once again be serving up our Fab Smoked Prime Rib.

Now, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but 11/11/11 falls on a Friday, so stay tuned to see what we might have in cooking, or should I say smoking. It will be another 1,000 years before this day rolls around again.

Now, if you mention that you read this bit of trivia, we we’ll bump your Prime Rib up a notch to the Fab Friday Cut!

Happy New Year

We hope that everyone had a enjoyable Holiday Season and our best of wishes for the New Year. We look forward to seeing each of you soon.

An added feature for the new year, will be our VIP specials. As with many good things, there is a catch. In order to get your VIP pass you will have to stop in and enjoy some of our authentic hickory smoked Bar-B-Q and ask for your VIP password.

To All Our VIP’s

Looking for some great deals… Stop by for lunch or dinner and receive you VIP access code. The VIP page will have some great specials to help you save a few bucks while ensuring the best bar-b-q deals in town. In addition, give the gift of “BarBQ” to friends and family by purchasing some Billy Bryant’s BBQ Gift Certificates. They make for both great stomach and stocking stuffers.