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Hubby & I ate here this evening. Had the best prime rib sandwich - the meat was lean, tender and very tasty. Great service too. Its nice when the owners have time to introduce themselves to their customers. This place is a must for anyone who loves BBQ!!!

Libby Neumann Krueger - Tucson, AZ

All I can say is Wow! We were in Tucson for a family party. Steve provided some of the best BBQ anyone in our party of 20+ had ever tasted. We had family from Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Payson, Phoenix and of course Tucson ----- so saying it was the "best" was truly amazing. We had baby back pork ribs (juicy/tender), chicken (wonderful rub) and brisket (we had sandwiches for breakfast the next morning), coleslaw (excellent), beans (gone way to fast - should have ordered more) and potato salad. Steve was wonderful to work with ----. Can't say enough good things.Northwest Lady

Carolyn St.Charles - Olympia, WA

A few weeks back a friend and I, looking for a new place for lunch, stumbled upon Billy Bryant's BBQ. Upon arriving I had a DajaVu moment as I realized that I had been there before. But I was in the BBQ mode so it didn't matter. Their special for the day was a Burnt End of Brisket Sandwich. We both ordered the special, less the bun, and chowed. Being one that likes his food on the 'moo' side, the meat was a little too cooked for me, but it was none-the-less a great tasting BBQ Sandwich and I certainly didn't have any problem eating every bit. We also learned that on Friday nights they serve, Smoked Prime Rib. Now that, we both decided had to try. So after a few Fridays had gone by, we finally were both ready and able so we drug our wives up to Billys. Of course, we both ordered the Smoked Prime Rib while the ladies ordered the pulled pork and Burnt End Brisket sandwich. Sadly, I had to help my wife finish hers as it was just too big and loaded with meat for her. Now, without hesitating I ordered my meat "moo" and that is what I got and it was dead on. Tender as all get-up and simply melted in my mouth. The Hickory Smoke flavor was simply the icing on the cake. I could have chowed another whole meal if my 'caring' wife wasn't there to stop me. This was the first time ever having smoked prime and it won't be the last. We topped the meal off with some of their homemade apple and pumpkin pie. Rumor has it they make smoked prime rib sandwiches with the unused beef. I might just have to sneak out and give it a try. On top of that the service was so down home and personal we didn't want to leave. I found my BBQ Heaven in Tucson. I have been back countless times and recently tried their smoked chicken and all I have to say is bbqriffic.

Mike & Robin - Tucson, AZ

It was indeed a fortunate day for us when we wanted BBQ today. Being new to this side of town we did not know of any place for good BBQ, I did remember seeing this place sometime last weekend and thinking I should try here. We were extremely surprised to not only find good BBQ but find the BEST I HAVE EVER HAD. I kid you not, this stuff is fantastic. Thanks for making us feel so welcomed and for having such awesome food. We will definitely be back time and time again.

Trent & James - Tucson, AZ

Finally! Some good bbq! Coming from Alabama, I found that Tucson was lacking in the BBQ department. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this restaurant today! The pulled pork at Billy Bryant's was AMAZING. Reminded me of home! Everyone at the restaurant was so friendly and I plan to go back soon for some takeout. Can't wait to try the ribs!

Brandi - Tucson, AZ

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