What’s New At Billy Bryant’s Bar-B-Que

If you like tender, succulent smoked meats, then you have to try the new smoked beef short ribs. For starters, there is nothing short about them. The bones weigh from 1 to 2 pounds each. And after a day of smoking they are just so tender and falling off the bone delicious. Someone called them Prime Rib on a stick and they are just that.
So, if you have an appetite and really want to try something that is just out of this world, stop by and give one a try while supplies last.

Pictured Above, weighing in at slightly under 2lbs. And to really give you an idea of size, the next image shows a 3 bone slab. Take notice to the knife and pepper container. This slab weighed in at over 8 lbs. Click on image for larger view.